Duncan Photography
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Duncan Photography, Phoenix, AZ

I specialize in Motorcyclist Photography.  Not Motorcycle Photography, but Motorcyclist Photography.  It is the rider, not the motorcycle that is the subject of my photographs.


A motorcycle is a machine of motion, and it is only when it is put into motion does it truely become an object of both beauty and functionality. In my photographs, I attempt to capture this combination, but it is only with the rider that this synergy possible. The rider is part of the machine, and the machine is part of the rider. Without the other component, you have just man (or woman) and machine.

In the back of my truck, there is a custom made seat mounted in the bed, complete with a 5 point racing harness. It is unsurpassed for safety and reliability, and with this set up, I can concentrate on only one thing - creating the best photographs possible for my clients.

I am available for photo sessions in Phoenix Arizona. Photos such as these have in the past been available only to the wealthy and/or celebrities of the motorcycle world. One of the cornerstones of my business is to put extraordinary photographs into the hands of the everyday rider at an affordable price.

To schedule your custom photo session, contact Les R. Duncan at (602) 432-9332,
click "Contact Me" at the top of the page.

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